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I've been meaning to send this for ages now - the leg of lamb we had at Easter was absolutely glorious! There was a lot of meat on it, the flavour was excellent and it was lovely & tender. Just wanted to say a big thank you. Lyn (Hatfield)
Hi - just to say thanks for the lamb, truly superb, not a scrap was left and I doubt it was my cooking! Susie (Wilden)
What fab beef - bought a piece of sirloin this weekend which was melt in the mouth and the best flavour ever. Summer pasture beef is where it is at I will be back to buy more. How encouraging to find such wonderful produce from a caring farmer! Sally in SAlbans
Sally Little
Some of the best oxtail of beef , which makes the most wonderful stew. Also I love the streaky bacon which is a nice treat for breakfast on the weekend.