Customer Feedback

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Have not been able to get to your Friday evening opening for a while. However the braising steak I bought from you last week was delicious, melt-in-the-mouth tender and a good price. It reminded me that I am having to settle for second best when I buy my meat from the supermarkets.
Tim, Bedford
Simply the best sausages I've ever had!
Louise Bennett
I agree on your comment about your meat being very competitive in terms of quality, taste and choice. I cooked the leg of lamb on Sunday and Chris commented on how good the meat was and was it Kevin's? You see, we can tell the difference! Going to pot roast the blade of beef over the weekend so got that to look forward to.
Susan Hall, Ravensden
I bought a rib of beef from you Saturday before last to celebrate my birthday. Just to tell you that we thought it was delicious.
Terry Needham Eltisley, Cambs